Video by Taylor Rodriguez, staff reporter, and Lauren Sieh, staff photographer.

By Raul Orozco
Staff reporter

The Health Fair will be held Friday, Sep. 25th on deets library lawn. The blood drive will take place in the library. There will be three main parts to the fair, that includes, a blood drive, flu shots, and mental health screenings.

The blood drive will take place from 9-1 p.m. It will be ran by Lisa Braun, director of athletic training education, and members of pre-health professionals. The schedule for donating is nearly full, but Lisa said walk-ins are welcomed.

Flu shots will be ran by Tamara McEwen, division of sciences chair. There will also be seniors athletic training majors helping out with this section. The flu shots will be held from 11-1 p.m. Tamara is hoping loads of people show up and take the opportunity to make themselves a little safer, especially in these trying times.

The last section of the health fair will be conducted by Dan Falk, dean of students. He is running the mental health screenings and HIV testing. Mental health screenings will be from 10-1 p.m. and HIV testing will be from 9-1 p.m.

This event will be sponsored by the student government association. The American Red Cross will be the ones conducting the blood drive. According to both Braun and McEwen, it is important that students take advantage of opportunities given to better the life of students, both physically and mentally.