Taylor Schwartz, Outreach Coordinator for the Community Health Center, proudly presents the info displayed on their presentation board. “We are a low cost health clinic. We serve patients with or without health insurance at a lower cost. We’re basically regular doctor's offices with the added benefit of coming to us without insurance. The great thing is we take all forms of insurance including most out of state. If you don’t have something we take, we do offer a discount to students who do qualify for a $25 discount fee, which covers everything we do in house. From primary care to x rays, lab work, immunizations, any of that kind of stuff.” The center also has referrals to OBGYN and dental health care clinics. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Lisa Braun, Director of Athletic Training Education, helped plan the blood drive for the fair. When asked about the importance of the event, she said, “I think it’s just important for students to take care of themselves. Students forget that their health is important too and maybe highlight some things that maybe they need to take care of and maybe not thought of before.” The Health and Wellness Fair has been going on for quite some time now, only having transitioned to a biannual event five years ago. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Among the resources available, there were chocolates, pamphlets and mental health screenings available for students. Ronda Melton, Crisis Clinician with Four County Mental Health had some insight on the screenings. “We're just providing access to just the different screenings for students to take. The screenings are for testing for depression, anxiety, things of that nature. I think it’s important for mental health to be able to access these resources.” Four Country Mental Health is located in Winfield and they encourage students to come out and get enrolled to see someone if needed.Josh Tingley, Maggie Patton and Tyler Ratliff, pre health professionals, operate the Graves Drugs flu shots table. Tingley provided some info as to why you should get your flu shots. “Well, so you don’t get the flu, uh, first of all. It also protects your immunocompromised relatives. So like maybe you or I wouldn’t be at risk, but if we get it, we can carry it around and maybe it might affect our grandmothers. She’s more susceptible, so it’s more for them then it is for us at this age.” The group administered dozens of shots to students during the fair. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)Brett Hogan, Executive Director of Positive Directions, poses outside of the tent where he administered free HIV tests to curious, wandering students. "Up in Wichita, we have been more focused on the LGBT community. It’s how our grants have been built and our history for the past 28, 29 years. It’s how we were originated and now we’re branching and growing. The need is there and there are less people like us," said Hogan. He said that the oldest person they have ever test was older than 80 years old. (Taylor Rodriguez/Staff photographer)

By Taylor Rodriguez

Staff reporter

From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sept. 27 in the Deets Library, the biannual Health and Wellness Fair took place.

The event included a blood drive run by the Red Cross, flu shots managed and provided by Graves Drugs, free HIV kits moderated by Positive Directions and mental health screenings courtesy of Four County Mental Health.

There were also free 10 minute massages and giveaway bags handed out at the event. Tammy McEwen, associate professor of biology, stood in line for a free massage while at the event.

“It was great,” she said after skipping away from the masseuse table.

Students had a part in helping manage the various health resources available to students. Abby Bertholf, biochemistry senior, helped with the flu vaccination table. Bertholf said vaccinations should be important to students.

“I think it’s not only important to protect them, but to also protect people who can’t get the vaccination,” said Bertholf. “It’s better to play it safe.”

Outside of the library, there were students filling paperwork to get screened for various STDs. Jack Berry, history senior, stood in line to get tested.

“I know I’m safe and clean, I’m just here for the fun of it,” said Berry.

There will be another Health and Wellness Fair hosted during the spring of 2020.