By Katie Gomez
Staff reporter

Fresh off a win at its home tournament, the men’s golf team struggled with poor course conditions when they traveled to St. Louis Sept. 28 and 29. The team competed in the Fall Invitational at the Crescent Hills Golf Course, hosted by Lindenwood University.
Continuous heavy rain caused tall grass in the roughs and fairways and the course was unable to mow it down in time for the tournament. The harsh course conditions, combined with large heavy winds, caused the rounds to run very slowly.
Brad Sexson, head coach, said, “I think the combination of those three things shot the scores up. I think the guys were more disappointed in their scores but they didn’t think about their scores in relation to the conditions they had to play in.”

Despite the team’s setbacks, Sexson was pleased with the way the men played. “If we could’ve done a few shots better each day, we would have moved up dramatically because there were so many teams clustered together and that was basically due to the conditions,” said Sexson. “Back home we play really fast greens at the Country Club and when the rounds get backed up, it really hurts us cause the guys start to lose their focus and then they play bad.”

The men played 36 holes the first day, but were unable to finish the last two holes when it got dark out after an 11 hour day. The tired players had to resume the final holes on the second day and then play their last round of 18.
Bobby Weidner, business sophomore, shot a 77 / 79 / 79 for a 235. Jared Paul, business senior, shot an 81 / 76 / 81 for a 238. Tim Jasper, business senior, shot an 82 / 82 / 75 for a 239. Raleigh Hughes, business sophomore, shot an 84 / 81 / 79 for a 244 and Chad Richardson, business sophomore, shot an 84 / 86 / 83 for a 253. The men finished 11th out of 20 teams with a total score of 956.
Weidner exceeded expectations and played the best round among the other players. “Usually I don’t play the top game of the team, but I guess all my practicing and hard work just finally paid off at a tournament,” said Weidner. “I know that our team can win if we could just all play to the best of our abilities.”

Hughes said, “It was a struggle, especially my driving, it was terrible, but I know we’ll play better at our next tournament. We just have to get our focus back.”

The men and women traveled to the Coosa Country Club and the Stonebridge Golf Course in Rome, Georgia Monday and Tuesday where they competed in the Chick-fil-A Collegiate Invitational hosted by Berry College. Results for the tournament were unavailable for press time. This was the men’s final tournament of the fall season. The women will play their final tournament on Oct. 12 and 13. They will compete in the Stars Fall Golf Classic at the Lincoln Park Golf Course in Oklahoma City, hosted by Oklahoma City University.            
Katie Gomez is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at