By Jacob Jimmerson
Staff reporter

Scott Nuss, sports information director, earned his bachelor’s degree at Southwestern College. He then went on to receive his master’s degree from Wichita State University while working as a graduate assistant. He worked at Newman University in Wichita as their sports information director for three years before returning to Southwestern College as a sports information director. His office is in Sutton 13.

Dave Denly, the athletic director, has known Scott Nuss for five years. Denly said, “Scott is an extremely hard worker. He is very organized as well. Scott in my mind is a self-starter. He doesn’t need to be told to do things. He is just going to do them and do them well. He is a great communicator and has a strong love for Southwestern College: He is always looking to promote the college and the athletic department.”

“Scott does a great job of writing and getting the information out to everyone. He takes great pride in all of his work and makes sure it is done well. I believe that Scott will win many awards, because he is very talented and driven. I couldn’t be more pleased to have him working here and I can only hope that he stays,” said Denly.

Denly said that Nuss has a great first impression. Denly said, “I met Scott when he was at Pratt Community College and he was a very young, energetic kid. He had a glimmer in his eye when I met him and showed that he had passion in what he does. You could tell that it was important for him to create a niche in the sports world, because it is what he loves.”
Charles Osen, new bureau coordinator, has known Nuss for seven years now. Osen said, “His attention to detail is unmatched, but he isn’t over the top with it as well. He does a great job of treating everybody equally and getting them what they need. He has a great love for his job and passion for Southwestern. He is all-in on every sport here at Southwestern.”

Osen was not surprised at all when he learned about the awards Nuss won this summer through the Sports Information Directors Association.

“His work ethic is unmatched. He takes no shortcuts and is very thorough. He loves his position here and loves what he does. I just hope that all of his further awards will be here at Southwestern, because he is good enough to work anywhere. He is not complacent and is always ready to go onto the next thing. He is always striving to get better,” said Osen

Scott Nuss is beginning his third year at Southwestern College as the sports information director. He won three publication awards this summer from the Sports Information Directors Association. The three awards were for game notes. Men’s basketball notes were first in the nation. Women’s basketball was second in the nation, and football was fourth in the nation. The website,, tied for 10th in the nation. Nuss’s story over Jim Helmer’s, the cross country coach, retirement finished third in the country.

Nuss has many responsibilities as the sports information director, but was able to narrow it down to the main ones. Nuss said, “My primary responsibilities are to act as the athletic press release person. I do the website, stats, public releases and I oversee eight student workers. I basically promote the student athletes here and the athletic department.”

Nuss enjoys activities outside of his job. Nuss said, “I have really enjoyed playing golf as of lately. I am not exactly good at it, but it is something that I have grown to enjoy. I also enjoy watching the Kansas City Royals lately and the run that they have made. And in the end, I just enjoy relaxing with my wife and my dog.”

Nuss has also won some major awards in the past as well. He won the KCAC Sports Information Director of the year last year and the Heartland Conference Sports Information Director of the year twice while at Newman University in Wichita.

Nuss said, “If I retired here I would be happy, I already have my roots here and I believe that there is a lot to be done here. I am happy here with my wife and don’t feel like I need to leave at any point.”

Nuss has a good idea of what his strengths are as well. Nuss said, “I feel like I am a good multitasker. I am always doing multiple things at once and I feel like I am good at having good attention to detail as well. Whenever I find mistakes in my programs or anywhere it just drives me crazy!”

Nuss has a strong relationship with Southwestern College as well. Nuss said, “This place means a lot to me. I met my wife here and a lot of things came together for me here. This place gave me a lot of experience for my future and really set me up for the job that I have now. Whenever I graduated, there wasn’t a full time sports information director here and I knew that I wanted to be the first. As soon as the job opened I did everything in my power to get the job. Winfield is a great town with a lot of resources and it just means a lot to me.”

Jacob Jimmerson is a sophomore majoring in Communication. You may email him at