By Angel Vadillo
Staff reporter

Hannah Mason, biology sophomore, dominated once again during a tournament. Mason has been the Lady Builder to have the best game in all four invitationals the team has competed in this spring season. Mason carded 77-79—156 to take the individual championship out of 31 golfers.

“I had a tough first nine holes both days, but I know how to be patient and wait for good shots to fall,” said Mason.

Mason helped the women’s team to place third of five teams. Southwestern finished with 360-354—714 to have 138 strokes over par. Ottawa University conquered the invitational hitting 350-345—695. Kansas Wesleyan followed in second place with a single stroke less than the Lady Builders, 352-361—713.

Brad Sexson, head coach, said, “The team played well and was led by Hannah, but all the ladies contributed at least one score towards the team total.”
Jacquelyn McCauley, business administration junior, finished fifth. “It was a good tournament to go to right before we head into regionals in a couple of weeks,” said McCauley. The junior hit 88-84—172.

McCauley said, “This tournament let us know what we need to focus on before going to Oklahoma City.”

Alyssa Richardson, communication sophomore, followed McCauley carding 90-88—178 to tie for the 10th spot. Richardson tied with Mallory Kleoppel, Ottawa sophomore.

Brenna Truhe, accounting freshman, hit 105-106—211 to place 19. Four places after Truhe, MaryBeth Bryant, biology freshman, came. Bryant carded 110-103—213 to have 69 strokes over par.

Sexson said, “We need to keep working on our short game and putting.”

The Lady Builders will return back to action on April 22 and 23 at the Lincoln Park Golf Course in Oklahoma City. The team will play the regional championship of the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference and the Red River Athletic Conference to determine who qualifies for the NAIA National Championship in Lincoln, Neb.

Angel Vadillo is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at