ABOVE: Aly Payne, biochemistry junior, and Shayla Jordan, religion and philosophy senior, hang out on campus in new hammocks. (Madison Stumbough/Staff photographer)

By Madison Stumbough

Staff reporter

Walk around campus on a nice day and you may see several students hanging in trees. A new hammock club has emerged on campus, equipping students with hammocks at an affordable rate.

Shayla Jordan, religion and philosophy senior, has enjoyed hammocking for quite some time and while considering her senior project options decided she would fulfill her dream to bring more students together by hammocking. After several conversations about what this would look like, Jordan decided to reach out to a fellow hammock lover, Aly Payne, biochemistry junior, to brainstorm. Together, the two contacted Eno, a popular hammock company, and worked out a deal to bring reasonably priced hammocks to students.

“Students always complain that there aren’t enough ‘hang out’ areas on campus,” Jordan explained. “So instead of fundraising for a physical building, I decided we should just take it outside and build community through hammocks.”

Through the hammock club, there are 20 hammocks are available for students to check out for free in the library.

If students would rather have a hammock of their own, they can join the club for just $25 and receive both a hammock and a t-shirt. After students have joined the club they are able to choose a hammock from one of 50 color options. These hammocks with the straps retail for about $70.

The idea of hammocking may seem foreign or slightly intimidating to some, but Jordan and Payne hope to debunk these thoughts through the hammocking club. Their hope is that students will realize that hammocking truly isn’t that difficult and when you loft your hammock in the trees the possibilities are endless.

“I love to read and sleep in my hammock,” Jordan said. “It’s just so peaceful.”

Payne agreed with this, but also mentioned that she loves the community that hammocking brings. “We actually have someone from every single club or organization on campus involved in the hammock club,” Payne said.

Next time you’re considering an outdoor activity, or even would like a place to take a nap, head to the library to check a hammock out or email hammocking@sckans.edu to see how you can get involved.

Madison Stumbough is a junior majoring in liberal arts and sciences. You may email her at madison.stumbough@sckans.edu.