By Tessa Castor

Staff reporter


On a small campus like Southwestern, one may wonder what is offered to students wanting to get into the spirit of Halloween. With events like EdBuilder’s Trunk or Treat, 9 Lives’ seasonal campus show and various team parties, students are given multiple opportunities to celebrate the spooky holiday. However, for many students, more available campus-wide activities may improve the holiday.

In a poll given on Twitter of 41 students, 56% said they celebrated Halloween this year at a party; 22% said they celebrated Halloween in a pumpkin patch; 12% said they celebrated Halloween at a haunted house and 10% said they celebrated Halloween in a campus activity or function.

“There are always activities that can be put in place that allow students to be involved,” said Jay Buffum, business junior. “Students who don’t live in Winfield can’t celebrate too much, since you don’t go home for Halloween.”

Buffum, a Winfield native, said that his Halloween experience is different than students whose hometowns are not Winfield. Buffum said he has celebrated Halloween by carving a pumpkin and going through both the SC Theatre Department’s haunted house as well as the haunted house held at the Winfield Fairgrounds. He said he also watched movies like Halloween and Boo 2! A Madea Halloween.

“I like candy, and I like scary movies,” said Buffum. “It’s no Fourth of July though, that’s for sure.”

Though Buffum did not dress up for Halloween, he said his favorite costume of this year’s holiday was a realistic Uncle Sam costume, topped with a stuffed eagle. In the years to come, Buffum suggested he would like to get some friends together and go through Field of Screams in Wichita for Halloween.

Unlike Buffum, Carly Matthews, psychology senior, celebrated Halloween by dressing up and attending a Halloween party with her friends. Matthews said her favorite part of Halloween is getting to see all of the fun, creative costumes that people come up with.

Matthews said that celebrating Halloween on campus is different than in her hometown of Chicago, due in large part because the campus offers less options for celebrating the holiday. She admitted that Southwestern could improve its festivities by holding a school-wide Halloween party at an off-campus venue.

For this year’s Halloween, Matthews dressed up as a nerd, and she vividly remembers her favorite costume from the party she attended.

“I saw this couple,” said Matthews. “They were Taco Bell. The guy was a taco, and the girl was Princess Belle. That’s hilarious. It’s so creative.”

This was Matthews’ last Halloween on campus. However, she said she hopes to do something more amusing next year, possibly in graduate school.

For her first on-campus Halloween, Colby Fugit, undecided freshman, went to a party with her friends to celebrate the holiday. Fugit dressed as a deck of cards along with her friends, herself being a 10 of hearts.

“My favorite part of Halloween was being with my team,” said Fugit. “I also like carving pumpkins. You get to design what you want.”

Fugit said that celebrating Halloween at SC is different than at home because of the decorations the girls in Cole Hall put on their doors. Despite the decorations, Fugit also said that Southwestern could host campus-wide activities on Halloween to get students more involved and feel more festive collectively.

For other students, Halloween at Southwestern is much more than they are accustomed to for celebration of holiday purposes.

“Halloween here is more outgoing,” said Brian Vancuren, business/accounting senior. “I used to live out in the country, and I honestly haven’t celebrated Halloween since I was like 11. I just never got into it.”

Though Halloween is not Vancuren’s favorite holiday, he said he likes the plethora of candy the holiday provides. Vancuren said he would like to “actually do something” next Halloween.



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