By Hanna House
Staff reporter

From Sister-to-Sister to the Ukulele Society, Southwestern is home to many clubs and organizations. One organization that students may not have heard very much about is Pridebuilders. Pridebuilders is the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) group on campus.

The Pridebuilders are hard to find out about because they are struggling to find new members.

“We are really struggling right now with membership,” said Maggie Dunning, sophomore communication major and vice president of Pridebuilders, “What is going on really is a whole shift in the way we are doing things.”

Dunning said, there are only two students in Pridebuilders. They are working on shifting their events and how they do things.

Michele Boucher, associate professor of English, is the Pridebuilder advisor. She said, “Their focus is on the issues that pertain to the LGBT community. This year they have really been focusing on educational experiences.”

“In the past they have done panels where they had different people talk about aspects of issues related to the LGBT community,” said Boucher, “They participate each year in a day of silence.”

Boucher said Pridebuilders got started when two students decided they wanted to have a safe place for all students to come together and talk about issues that may be happening within the LGBT community around campus.

Jordan Angermayr, senior, is president of Pridebuilders. He said “Last year we did quite a few game nights. We just got together and had pizza and played some board games.”

There are many events Angermayr wants to be carried on after his graduation. Pride week is particularly important.

“This semester we have mostly been doing some sort of internal stuff,” said Angermayr.

Hanna House is a freshman majoring in communication. You can contact her at