By Katie Vorderstrasse
Staff reporter

It’s Friday and you’re sitting in class with a bunch of homework piling up, the big game is Saturday, and you have no idea how you are going to get everything done on time. 

You should consider joining Student African American Brotherhood. SAAB is an association that “helps males achieve the goal of graduating in four years,” said Tyler O’Quinn, history sophomore. He is a second year team member.

Devon Davis, business administration senior, has been the president of SAAB for the past year. “SAAB targets students that have trouble in the classroom, and helps them become leaders,” said Davis. At the meetings, they usually discuss “problems they deal with day to day, and capitalize on things learned that week,” said Davis. He also said the group’s main focus is to “make younger generations aware of opportunities in their life.” 

The group meets at least once a week, typically on Sundays. The meetings are only one to two hours long. Kevin Rodgers, physical performance senior, is the vice-president of SAAB. They discuss “events they are planning to host, ways to get known around campus, and getting to know the individuals in the group.” Last year, there were only 12 members of the group, but the group’s goal this year is to have more members and be better known around Southwestern, said Rodgers. SAAB does more than just meet. They also go to different conferences. Last year they went to Indianapolis. They also participate in different community service projects. 

This group has been around for five to six years. Rodgers said, “The group was originally brought in to help African Americans and Latinos bring a sense of community.” His focus this year is to “bring about community to the school, not just to African Americans, but to students as a whole.” 

“It is not just a black group. Anyone is welcome, any ethnicity,” said O’Quinn. There is also Student African American Sisterhood.

Katie Vorderstrasse is a freshman majoring in psychology. You may e-mail her at