ABOVE: The Greenhouse set up Poinsettias for sale Sunday afternoon. The Christmas open house for Poinsettia sales was held from 1-4pm on Sunday, December 1st. (Cale Eirich/Staff reporter)

By Cale Eirich

Staff reporter

The Ruth Warren Abbott Greenhouse held their annual consecutive Christmas Open House Sunday, December 1st.

The greenhouse began selling Poinsettias for the holiday season, offering deals for students and faculty alike. Both receive a 10% discount when purchasing flowers from the SC Greenhouse.

“Last year we sold out, and of course we’re hoping that we’ll do the same again this year,” said Max Thompson. “There’s nothing as worthless as a Poinsettia on December 26th.”

The Greenhouse’s Poinsettias range in price between $5-$30, and are available for sale until Christmas break during the Greenhouse hours, Monday through Friday, 10am-12pm, and 1-3pm on weekends.

Cale Eirich is a senior majoring in communication. You may email him at cale.eirich@sckans.edu.