Pictured above: Community members recycle vintage computers like this old Apple iMac. (Tanner Carlson/Staff photographer)

Tanner Carlson

Staff reporter

The Green Team receives countless unused, and worn down televisions. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
The pile of old, and broken technology begins to build up and filling trailers up with as much recyclable waste as they can carry. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
This truck bed, and trailer are stuffed with vintage computers, televisions, and landline phones. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
Truck beds were packed with unwanted radios, stereos, fax machines, and any other electronic device that could be recycled. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
Old electronic relics such as this Apple iMac computer with teal accents made it into E-Waste bins. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
Flat bed trailers were there to haul the loads of televisions, monitors, and anything other electronics. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)
There were stories, and memories being shared about the electronics to keep spirits high during the event. (Tanner Carlson/ Staff Reporter)

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