By Jonathan Woon
Staff reporter

The Green Team is growing green with the participation of eight new freshmen. The team consists of 17 students whose aim is to conserve the natural resources and reduce the impact of climate change. New members of the Green Team seem ready to help save Mother Nature. Among the new members, Joe Tran, music freshman, said, “Being in the Green Team gives me that extra drive to go green.”

As the team grows in numbers, there are greater goals to achieve such as determining ways to reduce the amount of electricity used in the residence halls and apartments on campus using the new Smart Synch Energy Monitoring system. The team also looks forward to investigating the use of biomass to heat a portion of campus.

When asked about efforts to keep the team growing, Jason Speegle, the director of Green Team, said, “We are increasing our recruiting efforts in high schools by offering brief presentations on sustainability and inviting students to our campus via projects like the Kansas Envirothon and Creation Care Day.”

Speegle said that the Green Team has filmed a series of 13 Green commercials for KSCW in Wichita, which offer tips for going green.

The Green Team works with the City of Winfield Recycling Center at Strother Field. The center picks up the campus recyclables from the SC Recycle Shed each week and transports it to their facility. More recycling bins have been made available throughout the campus to encourage recycling. More recyclables are expected to be collected this semester compared to the 63,000 pounds collected previously.

Sydnee Nelson, biochemistry sophomore, said, “We work really hard to make recycling a campus wide project.” She also said that awareness is the key to conservation and preservation of Mother Earth. “We inform the students that there are problems concerning the environment and help to provide solutions.”

Jonathan Woon is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at