By Samantha Gillis
Staff reporter

“If I had a million dollars…” was an idea planted in the mind of the masses thanks to The Barenaked Ladies. Although it is no longer the 90s, a small Liberal Arts school has sown a similar seed: If you had $1,000 how would you improve Southwestern College?

The Student Government Association is challenging the student body to conjure up a brilliant idea. Ideas can be submitted by either recognized student groups or just a group of pupils bound by their aspirations. Caitlin McCurdy, SGA president, said, “It’s a grant to improve campus in some way, whether it’s beautification or maintenance or whatever.”

Applications can be found in the Campus Life Office and the deadline for applications is on March 18.

With opportunity comes restrictions. The applications points out some criteria including:

  • The project must be open to all students on campus
  • The project must occur on the Southwestern College campus
  • The project cannot require more than $1,000
  • Each application must be approved and signed by, Dan Falk, dean of students, Jeff Gile, plant operations director, department head or overseer of area being improved, and Southwestern Faculty or Staff sponsor.
  • All submitted applications must be typed, in detail

And, the chosen project must be completed by April 23, 2011. Some of the questions that are asked on the application include:

  • Where will the project take place?
  • How will you obtain supplies?
  • Who will be affected?
  • How will you involve the maximum amount of students?

The applicant will also be asked to provide a cost analysis.

Falk said, to his knowledge, SC has never offered an opportunity similar to this grant. After applications are submitted, the SGA senate will look over each one and vote on the project they want to see implemented on campus.

Falk has some suggestions he would like to throw out there. He said, “Have the campus in mind and build upon what is already being done. Simplicity and usefulness are important.”

 Samantha is a senior majoring in convergent journalism you may e-mail her at