By Keilah Chambers
Staff Reporter

Growing up, Goosebumps was a book I read with excitement and fear. The new Goosebumps movie promised me a strong storyline but failed to deliver. The start of the movie was mysterious, but let you down as it went on.

The movies storyline was the tell-tale story of a mysterious neighbor with a secret. It is unclear if the neighbor, Jack Black, is a villain or a hero. The story’s view point is from the boy who is new in town. As the movie goes on you find out more about Jack black. Slowly showing you who he is and his role in the film.

The movie attempted to show Jack Black as the scary next door neighbor. However, he failed to be taken seriously as a mysterious character the audience feared. Given the fact he was a driving character, the movie could have portrayed him better.

The action was good in the movie with the help of all the monsters from the books. Showing the monsters from the books stirred up memories of late nights reading the books. They were spot on and the reminiscent memories were able to make up for the lack of storyline in certain parts of the movie. Which gave the story some excitement and entertainment value.

The end of the movie was a classic Goosebumps ending. Overall I would not watch this movie again. I found myself at times bored due to the slow predictable storyline.

This was one Goosebumps movie that did not keep me up at night. But at least they got the ending right.

Keilah Chambers is a senior majoring in communication. You may email her at