Katie Gomez/Collegian Photographer Bobby Weidner, business sophomore, places his ball on the tee on hole 14.

Bobby Weidner, business sophomore, places his ball on the tee on hole 14. Both teams played at the Country Club Golf Course during the home tournament Monday. (Katie Gomez/Collegian photographer)

By Katie Gomez
Staff reporter

The men’s golf team tasted victory when they won their home tournament Tuesday afternoon.

The men’s and women’s teams hosted the South Central Kansas Fall Invitational at the Winfield Country Club Monday and Tuesday. They competed against 24 visiting teams: 14 men’s and nine women’s.

Monday’s round started off rough with a two hour rain delay. With shotgun rounds teeing off around 11am, the teams were in for a long, rainy, and cold day. The air horn blew shortly before 1 pm, signaling the players to leave their holes and come inside due to lightning. Finally, around 2:15 pm, the players were allowed to return to their holes and finish their rounds. The weather, however, continued to frustrate players as temperatures dropped and winds blew hard.
Tuesday began even colder. As groups teed off one after another, the rain continued to drizzle. Mother Nature took a turn for the better around 1 pm when the sun made its way through bright blue clouds. The teams finished the second day out with perfect weather and clear skies.

For the men’s team, Raleigh Hughes, business sophomore, shot a 78 / 71 for a 149, placing second, close behind a player from Oklahoma Baptist University who shot a 147. Jarred Paul, business senior, shot a 77 / 76 for a 153 with a near hole-in-one on the final hole of the tournament. Bobby Weidner, business sophomore, shot a 78 / 78 for a 156. Kenneth Wright, business senior, shot a 78 / 82 for a 160 and Tim Jasper, business sophomore, also shot a 160 with an 81 / 79. Playing as individuals, Jordan Lytton, business sophomore, shot a 77 / 78 for a 155. Chad Richardson, business sophomore, shot an 82 / 75 for a 157. The men’s team finished first overall with a score of 615. OBU, who is ranked eighth nationally in the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes, finished second to Southwestern with a 622.

For the women’s team, Courtney Huppert, business sophomore, shot an 88 / 92 for a 180. Lacie Holbert, communication sophomore, shot a 97 / 93 for a 190. Kaydee Johnson, business junior, shot a 97 / 94 for a 191 and Laken Campbell, occupational therapy freshman, shot a 116 / 116 for a 232. The women finished in fifth place with a score of 793.

Katie Gomez/Collegian Photographer Kaydee Johnson, business junior, tees off on the ninth hole at the home tournament Monday.

Kaydee Johnson, business junior, tees off on the ninth hole at the home tournament Monday. (Katie Gomez/Collegian Photographer)

The men and women also traveled together to LaVeta, Colo. Sept 14 and 15. They competed in the Peaks Classic hosted by Wayland Baptist at the Grandote Peaks Country Club. Both teams were blessed with breathtaking mountain views, as well as perfect weather conditions during the two-day tournament.

The men played a total of three rounds, one on the 14 and two on the 15. Paul shot a 78 / 70 / 70 for a total of 218. Hughes shot a 79 / 73 / 72 for a 224. Wright shot a 75 / 76 / 79 for a 230. Weidner also shot a total of 230 with a 77 / 78 / 75 and Jasper shot a 75 / 86 / 77 for a 234. Overall, the men finished with an 896, tying for eight out of 14 teams.

Paul said, “I started out the tournament a little rocky but I just started swinging the way I knew how to and everything went my way. Being a senior and starting the year off the way I did felt great.”

The women played only two rounds, one on each day. Huppert shot an 88 / 87 for a total of 175.  Holbert shot a 97 / 95 for a 192. Johnson shot a 101 / 95 for a 196 and Campbell shot a 119 / 111 for a 230. The women finished last out of four teams with a total score of 793.

For Campbell, this was her first tournament in college.

Campbell said, “I was really nervous for it. I didn’t play as well as I would’ve liked to, but I’m hoping it gets better. The trip was fun though and it was cool being with the team and traveling with everybody.”

Although neither teams placed, Head coach Brad Sexson was pleased with their performances.

“It was definitely our best performance we’ve had at that tournament since we’ve been going for the past four years,” said Sexson. “The team did really well and I think they’ve exceeded expectations.”

The men will travel to St. Louis Sept. 28 and 29 where they will compete in the Fall Invitational hosted by Lindenwood University at the Crescent Farms Golf Course.

Katie Gomez is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at kathryn.gomez@sckans.edu.