By Katie Gomez
Staff reporter

[media id=9 width=430 height=240]With well-kept greens and good weather conditions, the men’s and women’s golf teams officially kicked-off their season on Sept. 1 at the Country Club.

The men’s team is returning seven players including Kenneth Wright, business senior, Jared Paul, business senior, Raleigh Hughes, business sophomore, Bobby Weidner, business sophomore, Tim Jasper, business sophomore, Chad Richards
on, business sophomore, and Jordan Lytton, business sophomore.

The women’s team is returning three players including Kaydee Johnson, business administration junior, Lacie Holbert, communication sophomore, and Courtney Huppert, business sophomore. Laken Campbell, occupational therapy freshman, is new to the team.

“I’m really nervous to play college golf, but I’m excited to travel with the team and get to know everyone,” said Campbell. “As far as practicing goes, I’m really trying to work on my driving.”

Brad Sexson, head golf coach, said, “The Fall season’s basically to see how everyone is playing and to see what we need to work on and what needs to be improved so we can be ready for the Spring. We basically want to get everyone out there and having a good time.”

The men and women have been fortunate to have sunny and dry weather and excellent course conditions during practice rounds. Sexson hopes that both teams can continue to work on driving the ball, hitting the fairway, and making the putts. Sexson is also planning a match just for fun that will pair up a man and a woman and they will play other pairs.

Both teams have spent the last two weeks preparing for the Peaks Classic hosted by Wayland Baptist from Plain View, Texas. The tournament will be held Sept. 14 and 15 at the Grandote Peaks Golf Course in LaVeta, Colorado.

Because most tournaments only allow five players, the men’s team plays in qualifying rounds in order to rank the players and determine who will go. Since the women’s team only has four players, they all automatically qualify for tournaments.

“We’ve had some tough qualifying days. We’ve been seeing one of our seniors not do so well and some sophomores really stepping up,” said Sexson. “Golf’s a sport that requires so much focus and the upper classmen tend to do better, not because of their skill level but because they tend to have more experience.”

Jasper said, “I think this’ll be a strong tournament because we’ll have a strong group of guys going, no matter who qualifies. It’s our chance to show everyone what SC’s got this year.”

The men and women will follow up with their home tournament as they host the South Central Kansas Fall Invitational at the Winfield Country Club Sept. 21 and 22.[media id=193 width=430 height=240]

Katie Gomez is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at