By Rodney Marner
Staff reporter

The golf team is primed for a great season. The men’s team has five seniors on the roster, providing plenty of experience. The girls on the other hand, have only one senior, so the underclassmen will have to step up.

Brad Sexson, head men’s golf coach, seems confident about both teams this year. “The men’s team is loaded this year with those five seniors, who contributed a lot last year,” said Sexon. “This is the most senior ridden team we’ve ever had.”

Sexson agrees that the women have a young team this year. “The women’s team is going to have to count on incoming players to contribute early,” he said. The goal for both teams is to win the conference tournament and go to the national tournament. Sexson also mentioned that he expects the men’s team to three-peat by winning the conference for the third straight season.

The men’s team has two new freshmen on the team, Shane Gilbert and Jake Henson. “They seem nice, look like good players, and are good additions to the team,” said Luke Arneson, accounting sophomore. “We are wanting to three-peat,” said Arneson.

Luke is always on his way out to golf. He plays at least 6 times a week and has a personal goal to qualify for every tournament this season. “With the amount of competition there is on the team, it will be a good challenge,” said Arneson.

Young is the word to describe the women’s team this season, with only one senior returning. That returning senior is Courtney Huppert. The rest of the team are underclassmen. “They look good, and will only help the team, but will take a little warm up to college golf,” said Jackie McCauly, business management sophomore.

McCauly said her goal is to go to nationals. She said she loves the game and has played every day during the summer and since school started.

Be prepared to hear a lot of good things from this year’s golf teams. The three-peat is in sight for the men’s team, and the women’s team is young and ready to battle for the regionals.

Rodney Marner is a freshman majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail him at