By Jonahs Joudrey
Staff reporter


Students competed in three intramural basketball games at the Winfield Recreation Center Tuesday night.

In the first game Team Shmoney beat the Guardians of the Glass 70-62. Following that, Golfers took the game against Team TBD 61-39. Team Tennis and Goon Squad played last, with Tennis clutching the late victory 44-37.

Seth Bryan, business junior, played with Team Golfers in their decisive victory. Bryan said, “We really brought it today. Our offensive and defense just clicked.”

Team Golfers impressive offensive wowed fans, too.

Nya Cheatham, biology freshman, enjoyed watching the Golfers play TBD. Cheatham said, “The golf team was amazing. They were making shots that a lot of people would miss.”

Jerlecia Thompson, biology freshman, played for TBD. Thompson said, “I was tired but I pushed through the tiredness and played good defense although my offense was weak, I still played positive.”

A friend asked Thompson to play. As a requirement, three men and two women must be on the floor at all times for each team.

Sydney Shields, psychology freshman, likes the co-ed rule. Shields said, “I like it because it makes the teams equal. It keeps teams from playing all guys or all girls. It keeps things fair.”

The next intramural basketball games start Thursday night at the Rec Center.

6 p.m.: Northeastern Cratermakers vs. Benchwarmers

7 p.m.: Deshizznit vs. Cross Country:

8 p.m.: Leadership vs. Anomalies


Anomalies: (1,0)

The Benchwarmers: (0,1)

Cross Country: (0,1)

Deshizznit: (0,1)

Golfers: (2,0)

Goon Squad: (0,2)

Guardians of the Glass: (1,1)

Leadership: (1,0)

Northeastern Cratermakers: (0,1)

TBD: (1,1)

Team Shmoney: (2,0)

Tennis: (1,1)

Jonahs Joudrey is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at