By Shawn Knepper
Staff Reporter

As the end of the year rolls around, it’s time for the final countdown as classes now at the last stretch and summer vacation is almost here.

But, there’s one more obstacle that every student must face: finals week. In any shape or form, every student deals with their finals and the last week of classes however they can, or procrastinates -but that’s not highly recommended.

The end of the year can bring both stress and a little bit of joy to some, but the end can also provide a strategy in order to pass the semester. Welcome to the unofficial, but somewhat helpful finals survival guide.

What the majority of students do in their final week of classes are getting together at the library and scheduling a time to study in what subjects they need to pass. Plus, the Stir and Bustle is always open for all caffeine enthusiast needs.

Students like Ryan Pyngras, music theatre sophomore, and Hannah Bushares, musical theatre sophomore, both have their work cut out for them. They both have vocal juries, a final which performing arts majors do at the end of every semester and shows how each student grows over the course of the semester.

            A good amount of students deal with the finals dread by either having a huge study session with other students across campus or at College Hill Coffee, the perfect place to meet for last minute cram sessions, or just to celebrate another successful semester.

Whatever everyone’s strategy is, it’s important to know that the golden rule is to never, EVER, procrastinate. With that said, the end of the year can be a crazy time, but knowing the golden rule of never procrastinate, getting a study strategy, setting up time for each subject and going to bed at a decent time, there’s no doubt that the success of finals is sure to come.