By Blake Carter
Staff reporter

It’s the end of year and your four-door compact car is so full, you will have to find a broom just to push back the junk just to drive home. Does this sound familiar?

By the end of the year, it is quite easy to find oneself with a lot of extra things that can’t be stored or taken home. Most things one might not want anymore. So what can be done?

Last year A “Move-Out” project that was initiated by the Green Team last year, which took unwanted items and donated them to the Ponca Indian community.

Jason Speegle, director of the Green Team said, “The purpose was that students throw away a lot of clothes, food, furniture and other items during end of semester move out that could still be used by other people. Many items are thrown away simply because students do not have the space of the desire to move them home for the summer.”

Speegle said that the Worship Team and Green Team plan on teaming up to do this again this year with collection boxes in each dorm.

Things like clothes and small appliances can taken off campus and dropped off at Goodwill in Arkansas City.  Shelly Graham, assistant manager, said they would love to take in as much as students would like to bring in.

“We understand that sometimes you have more than you want and we would be glad to be able to take those from you to help others,” Graham said. “Those gently worn clothes may help someone get a job and continue the cycle of helping others.”

This helps takes care of clothes. The Cowley County Winfield Humane Society on Highway 77 could use even the small items you might take for granted Teresa Harden, director.

“We tend to recycle materials in a roundabout way,” Theresa Harden director said. “We can use old towels, blankets and sheets, even socks for surgery, baths, bedding and even comfort toys for the animals. Lot of the little things we can use for enrichment for the animals, like peanut butter or paper towel rolls or even ice cube trays.”

Graham and Harden accept drops-off at anytime during business hours. Harden encouraged students to look careful what they had before throwing anything away.

“You can would be surprised what little unwanted things can really do help others,” Harden said.

The Humane Society business hours are, Tuesday-Friday 12 to 5.30 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Blake Carter is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at


Peanut butter (Creamy style only)

Sponges (cleaning type, soft)

Brown paper bags (big from like Braums and lunch sack size) Fast food ones also

Large plastic bottles (milk jugs, juice bottles, and water bottles two /three litter bottles)

Lids and rings off milk, pop, water bottles

Cat nip

Cat and dog toys

Stuffed animal (used and new)

Cooking extracts (Vanilla, almond, coconut)

Spices (cinnamon, nutmeg)

Aromatherapy sprays/oils

Paint rollers

Lemon/orange squeezer (must have the two parts)

PVC pipe (various sizes and pieces and parts)

Plastic Easter eggs

Small boxes (shoe boxes, file folder box, small shipping type boxes, etc)

Corrugated paper or boxes


Blankets, pillows and towels

Treats (dog and cat)

Dog Bones/Rawhides

Ice cube trays

Bouillon cubes (chicken and beef)

Canned tuna

Pill bottles

Paper rolls (paper towel, toilet paper and wrapping paper rolls)

Paper (wrapping paper, sheets of paper, etc)

Pipe cleaners


Large pom poms

Paper drink holders/trays (from like fast food places)

Totes to store enrichment (medium size)

Enrichment items for outdoor play area

Plastic pool



Agility type equipment

Enrichment items for cat play area