Gerssai Cereceres, sports management senior and Nicholas Longoria, computer science freshman; play The Meme Game along with some of their teammates and friends. Both enjoyed multiple games at game night on Jan 24. (Emily Berry/Staff photographer)

By Emily Berry
Staff reporter

Jan. 24 was the first game night of the semester and it did not disappoint. Over 30 people were present to play the wide range of games available throughout the night.

Every month Gaming Club hosts a game night. Game night occurs on the last Friday of each month from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. All students are invited to come to this event and are encouraged to try new games throughout the night. Patrick Ross, professor of biology; chair, division of natural sciences and mathematics and advisor of gaming club said, “Especially if you’re new, ask somebody to teach you a game. Look for one that looks fun and see if somebody would each it so you could broaden the kinds of games that you play. If you come here and just pay the games that you’re familiar with then you don’t really get to grow in your gaming.”

There are a wide range of games available to play throughout the night. JC Fuentes, Gaming Club vice president senior said, “I say we have maybe 20 games that we bring from the game lounge and then Pat Ross brings some games from his collection. He tends to bring new games every week that we meet.” You can play the classics such as Monopoly and Super Smash Bros., or you can play party favorite; Cards Against Humanity and Duck Game. “Smash is a really good game to play, just for competitive or casual play its really fun. Duck Game, which is a four player shooting game is also really fun, very popular among us. Settlers of Catan is a really good card game,” said Fuentes.

Everyone that attends has favorites that they play throughout the night. Sam Beck, business administration senior said, “I like to play Super Smash Bros., that one is pretty fun or a games called Secret Hitler. I like to play some of the card games with my peers, that’s always good for a hearty laugh.” People in attendance will not be disappointed with the amount of games available. “I think they have a pretty good spread. If you’re into certain types of games I’m sure you could find a type of game that will appeal to you,” said Beck.

Before all the fun and games can start the gaming club has to prepare and set up for the evening. “We got to call security to let us into Christy and also let us into the game lounge where we keep all the games and TVs. We then bring all the stuff from the game lounge to the cafeteria, spread out all the games, set up the TVs and consoles, and then just wait for people to show up,” said Fuentes. The night started out slow with seven people right when it started, but within thirty minutes to an hour a lot more people showed up with the final count of around 40 people being present.

There is not just games available to people throughout the night. The soda fountains are also open and available to students to use to have drinks throughout the night. Prizes are also given out every hour with final prize being the biggest prize given away. “We have a lot of comic books left over from the previous game nights that we have had, we try to give those out as much as possible. We are starting to give out gift cards as the final prize and after get rid of all the comic books, we’ll start giving out bigger prizes like pops, statues, or figurines,” said Fuentes.

Gaming Club hopes more people will attend in the next game night to come. “I’d like as many people on campus be exposed to board games. Folks who always think of board games are Monopoly or Sorry but there is so much more. Anything that you might possibly be interested in there’s a board game about it,” said Ross.

Next game night will be Feb 14 at 8 p.m. in the cafeteria.