By Chandler Hall 
Staff reporter

Last semester, Gaming Club had to put a halt to their monthly game nights while adjusting to new leadership. 

“This semester we plan on doing Game Night once a month. Last semester we weren’t able to do any, because of some of the restrictions we had and some of the things that came up.” Aaron Kappelman, president of Gaming Club, said. “Last semester the budgets came out kind of late and we needed to figure out how to do [Game Night]. It’s been a lot of learning and figuring out the background stuff.”

Sam Beck, vice president of Gaming Club, talks about what goes into planning an event like this. “You have to get permission from a few different people. You have to advertise it so you have to get posters approved. We usually have it so we can have access to the soda fountain, so we have to talk to fresh ideas and get that worked out. It’s basically talking to people.”

Gaming Club is hosting its first game night Friday, Jan. 25 from 8 p.m. to midnight in the cafeteria. Drinks and food are provided. Gaming Club provides new board games every month.

“It’s really just for people to come together have a good time and play some games” Beck said. “I think it’s a good way to meet people and have some fun.”

“School can be stressful so it’s a good once a month thing to blow off a bit of steam” Kappelman said.

Gaming Club provides a space for people to meet each other and build community.

 “I think one of the best things about Game Night is being able to meet new people. It’s hard not to become friends with someone after sitting down and playing a game with them for a while. I’ve met a lot of good friends through Gaming Club” Beck said. 

“First off, they made a really smart decision to not just make it computer gaming or board gaming or card games. It’s just games in general, so that attracts a lot of different folks. This cuts across all different disciplines.” Patrick Ross, advisor of Gaming Club, said. 

Game Night provides a unique experience, with prizes, new people and new board games. 

 “We’re one of the few events that give out prizes, like comic books, every hour.” Kappelman, said  

Ross provides the unique board games that entertain everyone. “I like to have games there that somebody looks over and sees something cool, so I like something with a good table appeal and if somebody is interested, I can get them playing in like ten minutes.”

Games to expect: 

  • Just Dance
  • Super Smash Bro’s
  • Card’s Against Humanity 
  • Tokyo Highway 
  • Werewolf 

Chandler Hall is a junior majoring in communication. You may email him at