Allyssa Zentner / Collegian Photographer

Danielle Carr, biology junior, and Andrew Oldham, assistant men’s soccer coach, battle for the ball as Joe Wood, head women’s soccer coach, Ruben Sanchex, head men’s soccer coach, Stefan Carter, business administration freshman, and Kate Norton, assistant women’s soccer coach, watch the struggle for the ball during the futsal game, Tuesday evening at Winfield’s Intermediate School. Futsal is an indoor soccer league made up of the SC men and women’s soccer teams. The teams participate to stay in shape during the off season. The league is made up of seven futsal teams. The men’s and women’s soccer teams split into several different coed teams, while the coaches also have a separate team. Futsal is different from soccer because a smaller ball is used and alsi of a girl scores the point is worth two points versus the traditional one point when a man scores. Also there is no off-sides when playing futsal. There are also no referees, so the players must call their own fouls.