“Funny as a Crutch” will be performed Wednesday October 13, st 6:30 p.m. at various locations around the campus.

Many of the scenes will be produced and performed by students. Marilyn Craft, elementary education senior, John Crosser, theater senior, and Lenita Krejci, speech and theatre education senior, will be those producing the scenes.

The scenes deal with different perceptions of disabilities in America. Some will deal with those who have disabilities, while others take the view point of those who are “normal” and how they react with those with disabilities. Some scenes also portray how not all disabilities are physical.

Craft said, “Don’t get offended but there will probably be some pretty racy stuff.” Craft’s production will be in the lobby of Richardson.

Comic relief will be provided by the skits. Players such as Justin Tinker, theatrical performance and technical theatre sophomore, Lashae Bacon, business freshman, and Chris Cole, physical education junior, will be featured in the skits.

Tinker said, “I’m absolutely stunned and riveted every call I find myself talking to the character. I am not a director because I do not have the talent, knowledge and the will power to have the envision encompassed by what that name entails.

Kyle Killgore is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at kyle.killgore@sckans.edu.