By Turki Alturki
Staff reporter

Paul Rudd plays as Ben Benjamin, a man suffering an incredible amount of loss, enrolls in a class about care-giving that changes his perspective on life. The first person he takes care of is Trevor, played by Craig Roberts.

The comedy and drama is great in this movie. I like this kind of movie because it is relaxing. All the actors are good and they played their part very well. I like the flow of the story from beginning to end.

All the actors in this movie have personal problems. Trevor is a teenager with special needs and a bad personality. He also hates his father. Ben faces problems with his wife trying to divorce him. Selena Gomez, as Dot, also has some problems with her father.

Ben and Trevor go on a trip where they meet Dot. A lot of things happen in this trip, changing how they see the world.

The movie is great and it is a Netflix Original. I like every moment of this movie. It’s funny and you will learn something from it. I recommend it to you if you want to see a movie with no stress.

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