Kari Blattner, education senior, zooms past the competition on her last lap of the steeple chase. Kari finished her race with a time of 11 minutes and 28.38 seconds, gaining her the national B standard in the steeple chase.Tumiso Tidimane, accounting junior, fights in a pack of other speedy runners. Tumiso finished the 1500 race with a time of 4:29.38.Bri Hulse, English freshman, charges through the steeple chase. She placed 7th overall with a time of 12:52.51.Peyton Wardell, business administration freshman, deftly leaps over the steeple to continue the race. Peyton placed 14 in the 3000M steeple chase.Erin Floyd, early childhood education junior, quickens her pace after Tim Testa, head track and cross country coach, cheers her on. Erin placed 6th overall in the 3000M steeple chase with a time of 12:34.73.Christian Ramirez, sports management freshman, talks excitedly about the race he just finished. Christian participated in the men's 800M race and ended with a time of 2:11.56.

By Taylor Rodriguez

Staff Reporter

Last Friday, the 5th, kicked off the Friends University Spring Open meet where several teams competed for a chance to qualify and improve upon their previous records.

This meet lasted two days, ending the following Saturday. Despite inclement weather, the track meet carried on. Everyone competed to the best of their ability, even with the chance of thunderstorms and light rain.

Unfortunately, not every field event got the chance to compete. The meet was ended early due to lightning in the afternoon on Saturday.

The men’s team placed 12th overall and the women’s team 13th. For more in-depth information about the competition results, please visit
http://results.tfmeetpro.com/Dennis_Weber/Friends_University_Spring_Open/index.html.  There you can find the times and distances of all of our athletes.