By Jacob Jimmerson
Staff reporter

It was a frustrating night for the Builders as they fell to Friends 45 to 8. The Builders couldn’t get anything going offensively and fell in a big hole to start the game. It’s going to be back to the drawing board for the Builders after a dominating defeat to Friends.

Ken Crandall, head football coach, was clearly frustrated after the game. Crandall said, “We got dominated up front. The man coverage was suffocating for our receivers tonight as well. Defensively we left them on the field way too long tonight. And we couldn’t do anything on offense.”

Offensive struggles were an apparent problem. Crandall said, “Three and outs were a big issue tonight. It was horrible. I tried running the ball and we couldn’t do that. I tried passing the ball and we couldn’t do that as well. Nobody was blocking and we need the offensive line to play much better.”

The Builders fell behind quickly. Crandall said, “Friends did a great job of coming out and executing their offense. It was just frustrating the whole night. The offensive line really got dominated tonight, which is just disappointing.”

A costly pick six happened before the half. Crandall said, “We wanted to take a shot down field and it didn’t work out. Someone has to make the tackle on the return however. That’s just unacceptable. There was also a clear block in the back that has to be called. And it was not called.”

The passing game was poor for the Builders. Crandall said, “We couldn’t get off our routes. The corners dominated in man to man coverage, which I did not expect to happen. The sprint out passing game was okay at times, but overall it was a horrible day.”

Coach Crandall is friends with Monty Lewis, Falcons head coach . Crandall said, “He came up to me after the game and said that they got the best of us tonight, but I have some fine young players out there that just need to grow up a little bit. Which is true, but it is just tough to experience the growing pains.”

The freshmen have had a lot of playing time over the past couple of games. Crandall said, “I thought the freshmen played well tonight. I liked the way Duke played tonight, as well as McLelland. They have both greatly improved each week. That being said, I need to see the secondary get much better.”

Connor Seaba, junior defensive back,  provided leadership on defense. Seaba said, “I thought that we stopped the run pretty well tonight. They hit us with a couple big plays, but it is tough to continue to play well when you’re on the field the whole game.”

They have tough opponent next week in Tabor. Seaba said, “We can’t look at their ranking and be intimidated. We have to go out there and do our own jobs. We have to look at the guy in front of us and just say we can beat them. We have to be ready to come out and fight.”

Moving forward the Builders need to improve. Seaba said, “We have to rely on our coaches and believe in the schemes that they give us. We need to come out and play, because Tabor has to show up to beat us.”

Zach Moya, freshman offensive lineman, played well. Moya said, “I feel like I’ve improved every week so far. I owe it all to my teammates and my coaches. The veterans have been amazing for me in teaching me the schemes and helping me out. I just need to continue to get better.”

The Builders have to get ready for Tabor next weekend. Moya said, “We have to come out and do our thing. We need to execute and do what we do best. If we do that we will have a chance to pull an upset.”

Moya sees things he can improve on. Moya said, “I need to improve on my pass sets. I feel they have been a little weak lately. And as an offense we need to work on getting clicking faster. We have to come out in a groove.”

The Builders will host Tabor next week who is number three in the nation. Kick off will be at 6 p.m. and it will be homecoming for the builders.

Jacob Jimmerson is a sophomore majoring in communication. You may email him at