By Mallory Graves
Staff reporter

Many people go into college with an idea of how it will be in their heads. Much like many things in life, you don’t know how it will actually be until you get there.

Most first year students move a decent amount away from their familiar hometowns, friends and family.

New freshman recount their expectations of what they thought college would be, and the pros and cons of school thus far.

Faith Smith, biology freshman, is from Port Orchard, Washington, about an hour away from Seattle.

“I drove here when I moved in, and it was about a 35-hour drive; just short of 1500 miles,” Smith said. “All of my friends back home are doing online learning, so it feels like a huge blessing to be at school. The only thing that has been difficult for me, is meeting new people. Obviously right now, you aren’t supposed to be hanging out with a lot of people, but I have made more friends than I expected. I don’t know what a normal semester feels like at college, but this semester has been good so far. All of the masks and checking symptoms was a little weird at first, but it really does feel normal now. I can tell SC has worked hard to let us be on campus, and I’m really happy to be here.”

“My least favorite thing about Kansas is the hot climate. I dislike the heat a lot, because I’m not used to this type of weather at all,” Smith said. “My favorite thing about Kansas is the people I have met so far.”

Hannah Burling, biology freshman says, “I am from Woodward, Oklahoma, so my hometown feels almost the same as Winfield does. It’s a small town where everyone is welcoming. My college experience has been good. Coming into college with COVID-19 going on, I knew it was going to be different. I was prepared to be alone and separated from people but Southwestern does good at keeping you safe and feeling involved in all activities.”

Burling doesn’t have any negatives about college so far.

“There are plenty of opportunities, the people are great, and the teachers are super helpful,” Burling said. Alex Clark, biology freshman says, “I’m from Anthony, Kansas, and Winfield definitely has a bigger population. For the most part, college has been pretty uneventful, and it’s less structured than I thought. One thing I do like is that you get the grade you work for.”