By Carlos Blocker

Staff reporter

Having a strong passion for music and playing sports while trying to maintain good grades during school is a lot of work. What many people fail to know is that there is a studio available to the public here on campus.

Ronald “Cj” Jones, business freshman, has a studio inside of his room.

“I have been rapping since I was a sophomore in high school. What really got me going is my friend. From there, we just been learning how to put our own music out.

“I didn’t have much equipment back then, but we just made recording in my closet work. Now I have software, a mic and a computer, along with improved skills to producing a song,” said Jones.

Jones plans to open a recording studio in Dallas, because he believes studios are scarce where he is from. One of his latest projects was working with Martravion Price, undecided freshman.

“I really just sit back and relax as I let the music come to me, but what I do know is that when I step in the studio I mean business. Recording with Cj is nice and all. He knows what he is doing and really takes pride in producing the best quality sound possible for his clients.”

Price has a song coming out on Tuesday, Dec. 12, called “Just Ride,” which was produced by Jones. Another one of Jones’ clients, Jermarius Marshall, put a song out called “Right From Wrong.”

“My experiences with Cj’s studio was good. He made sure that my vocals were perfect and gave me constructive criticism on what I was doing right and wrong. Even if it sounded good to me, he found something to improve on.”

From all of the people Jones has worked with, he has received nothing but good reviews and has a thirst for more people to come check him out, so he can “bless you with his talents.”

If you are interested in hearing any of their material, you can find their hard work on Soundcloud. Jones is available for any interested clients to contact him via email or Snapchat.

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Carlos Blocker is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email him at