Being a physical presence in the community as a college athlete means a lot to fans, kids, students, even the players. The focus is often on the key players who start every night. One key reserved player is striving to make an impact off of the court and in the community.

Kenyatta Sewell, freshman guard from Dallas enjoys community service. With his 6’3 frame and weight of 195 pounds, Sewell can be intimidating to some. In October the basketball coaching staff scheduled an event for the team to interact with elementary the kids from Irving Elementary school for community service. The elementary students got acquainted with the team and went over fundamentals at Winfield Recreation Center.

“I loved being around the kids. You’d think they would be scared of the basketball team cause how tall we all are. The kids just came up to us, the energy was amazing. When we started the dunk contest the place went nuts. In the moment thinking to myself that I’m on a platform where I can inspire kids. That’s what it’s all about,” said Sewell.

Sewell graduated from Hillcrest High School in Dallas in 2016, and averaged 18 points per game with an 80 percent average from the free throw line overall.

“I was pretty dominant in high school and I couldn’t wait to get to college to play. Now that I’m here, I’m learning so much and getting to know my body and my peers. Now we have our undefeated start. Things keep getting better,” said Sewell.

Tim Miser, assistant head coach, thinks Sewell will have to sit back and be ready for his opportunity at any time.

“You definitely have to put in the work. Yatta has talent. He’s going to have to learn from the seniors. That’s what’s going to help him reach his potential,” said Miser.

Jacob Horsch, senior guard, thinks Sewell is the future.

“Yatta’s going to be really good for us. I know when he gets his opportunity he’s going to take full advantage of it,” said Horsch.

Off the court and in the classroom Sewell has a 3.0 GPA and is majoring in communication with an emphasis in broadcasting/radio. He already has aspirations after basketball. “I have a really deep voice and I would love to be a basketball analyst on ESPN with my own show,” said Sewell.

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