By Hanna House
Staff reporter

Anniversaries are always a time to celebrate and this weekend; celebration will be all over the campus. April 11-12 will be two full days of Hall of Fame introductions, presentations and dedications at this year’s Founder’s Weekend.

This is the time of year that Southwestern not only celebrates its many years of being a pristine college, but also a time to recognize all those that help keep Southwestern going.

“Founder’s Day is the time each year that we celebrate, of course, the founding of Southwestern and we also celebrate the major donors. We also celebrate the people that are being inducted into the Hall of Fame,” said Susan Lowe, director of alumni programs.

Five Hall of Fames will be receiving new members including the Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Business, Educators, and Scholars Hall of Fame.

Lowe explained that being inducted to the Hall of Fame means that the person has gone on to do great things in their field of study.

Most people use stannous fluoride on a daily basis; did you know that that stannous fluoride was discovered by someone that used to walk the same halls as you do? That’s right; the person that discovered stannous fluoride is an SC graduate.

DeAnn Dockery, vice president for institutional advancement, mentioned that this year’s festivities have a little twist on it from past years. This year they are dedicating the Tomari Center. In case you haven’t noticed, the old maintenance building across the street from Warren Apartments has been under renovation and is nearly finished. The building will now serve as an area for theater students to store costumes and props as well as make the costumes and props in a comfortable and spacious setting.

Many people are expected to be upon our campus this weekend. Everyone being inducted or who donates to Southwestern is welcome to attend.

“In one of the Halls alone we’ve got almost 100 people which is almost twice what it usually is,” said Lowe.

All of the Hall of Fame inductees and past inductees can be found online at

As you walk through the halls, take a moment to read all the incredible things SC graduates have gone on to do; your name might be up there next.

Hanna House is a freshman majoring in communications. You can email her at