By Will Rosson
Staff reporter

Exciting, emotional, and humbling. These words are what many people feel during Founders Day weekend. Current students and past alumni will be coming together on Friday and Saturday, to honor and recognize new inductees into the Hall of Fame for the Education, Business, Fine Arts departments and Leaders in Service.

Cheryl Rude, director of leadership, coordinates the Leaders in Service recognition. Rude said it is a great time on campus during the weekend. “It’s inspiring to see younger adults and older adults who value service to the common good make connections with one another.”

Timothy Shook, division of performing arts chair person, said it’s true. The atmosphere on campus is really great during this time.

“It’s an amazing time to gather. The reception is very exciting. People get to meet again after a long period of separation. Lots of memories are shared.  It’s a very emotional experience to the honorees, to get up and tell what SC means to them and what their time here meant, and how that carried on with them through their life,” said Shook.

The late Mary Kristine Lange Cheatum ’59, Forrest J. Robinson ’44, J and James J. “Jim” Shultz ’61, will be inducted into the Leaders in Service Hall of Fame.  They have been recognized for displaying certain qualities, explains Rude. “Tenure, leadership position, board membership, publications, graduate degrees, firm partnership, and sacrificial service,” said Rude.

Inductees into the Business Hall of Fame include Laurence F.  “Larry” Jarvis ’39, Michael D. “Mike” Lewis ’74, and Robert P. “Bob” Jewell ’77.

Candidates must have been a student at Southwestern College or have given service to Southwestern College.

This is the 3rd year for the Fine Arts department to honor inductees into the Hall of Fame.

“100 [were] here at Messenger and many students were here last year,” says Shook.

The late Gordon E. Young ’49, L. Dean Angeles ’67, and F. Joe Sims ’51 are the inductees into the Fine Arts Hall of Fame.

David Hofmeister, director of teacher education, said that students should be more involved with the ceremonies.

“Students should come to know a little more of the Hall of Fames and why we have them. It can create a great opportunity to mingle.  It’s a great celebration,” said Hofmeister. “This is an opportunity for students to see people who have come before them. These are individuals who are good to know, because they are part of a network, and an alumnus of the institution. It gives the student a chance to say ‘Hey, are there things I should know? Are there people I should meet? Are there opportunities that I should become familiar with?’”

The individuals who are being recognized are becoming a part of campus history. They are being rewarded for their time, service, and accomplishments.

“For an institution that has been around since 1885, and has had teachers being developed from its near beginning, to be recognized by an institution that has a 125 year legacy as being among the best, is a great honor,” said Hofmeister.

Yvonne (Osgood) English ’60, Lonnie Allen Howerton ’69, Lynn A. (Watkins) Felts ’77, are this year’s inductees into the Educators Hall of Fame.

Founders Day will conclude at 8 p.m. April 16 in Messenger Recital Hall with a presentation by Jerry Wallace, a former Southwestern College archivist, “The Story of Southwestern College: Its Beginnings.”

Will Rosson is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at

Edited by Lea Shores.