By Blake Carter
Staff reporter

Everything that is old is new once again with Johnny Cash’s new album Bootleg Vol. II, From Memphis to Hollywood.

Johnny Cash, also known as the Man in Black, is remembered for his songs “I Walk the Line,” and “Ring of Fire.” Cash, who passed away in 2003 has a new compilation album that just came out last week.

This new album follows Cash’s career from his radio show on KWEM in West Memphis in 1955 to his first Hollywood concert in 1969. This album has 57 tracks, including 12 demo tracks, that Cash recorded while working on songs that would later be hits like “Get Rhythm.”

This is a fun collection of songs, since listeners get a chance to hear Cash from the very beginning and hear voice clips of the past Grammy award winner in the studio.

I really enjoyed listening to this album. I’m not a big country fan but I’ve always enjoyed some Johnny Cash now and then, ever since my grandparents got me hooked when I was younger. So to have a chance to hear some of the older unreleased stuff of the dead outlaw is really a pleasure.

Some of my favorite are demos from the earlier days of Cash. There is the popping and crackle of old recordings from the 50’s. Some might think this isn’t of the quality of most CDs that are out today, but I’m not going to complain about being able to hear these hidden gems of The Man in Black.

This is the kind of the album that fans of Cash will really enjoy since there is brand new material to listen to. I also think that many new fans will get a kick out of this too since this listens like an autobiography, which makes it a great starter point for anyone who has heard of Cash and wants to give his music a try.

Sure this is the same old Cash that people have been listening to years, but sometimes it’s great to listen to some of the classics in a new way.

Blake Carter is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at

Edited by Inger Furholt.