By Alissa Sheppard
Staff reporter

There has never been an “I” in team. To Alex Hutchins that cliché means more now than ever.

Saturday Sept. 2 at 5:30 the football team hosted a fundraiser for Alex Hutchins. For a minimum donation of five dollars, guests received a hamburger, chips, and a drink.

All the proceeds went to Alex Hutchins, tight end coach. Hutchins was diagnosed with cancer May 4, 2011. “I was in shock when I found out the fundraiser was going to happen,” says Hutchins, who said that it is not something you think another person or team would do for you. He says words can’t truly express how blessed he was for this fundraiser to happen to him.

“Cooking and feeding people for two solid hours is something I did not expect,” said Hutchins. “I knew it was going to be somewhat of a good turnout because it was advertised very well, but seeing the community come out and support me means more than the amount of money I made,” said Hutchins.

“It was an upbeat atmosphere,” said Adam Hilker, physical education major. “Family is a big thing to me.”

Hilker said it made him feel like one big family seeing the football team out supporting one of their fellow teammates. Not having a brother of his own, Hilker looks at Alex as a big brother.

“Playing in the same position, I have always looked up to him, he taught me everything I know,” said Hilker.

“We, as a team, felt like it was a good way to reach out to Alex to let him know that he is still part of our family,” said Ken Crandall, head football coach.

Alissa Sheppard is a senior majoring in communication. You may contact her at