ABOVE: The Builders held their ground against the Kansas Wesleyan Coyotes in the matchup on October 19. The Coyotes ended up on top with a final score of 45-21. The Builders just fell short on dominating the Coyotes, but the effort throughout the game was phenomenal and kept the Coyotes on their toes. (Lex Gouyton/Staff photographer)

Clayton Downum, junior linebacker, blocks Kansas Wesleyan's Trenton Poe-Evans, senior wide receiver, during a Coyote offensive play. Before the day's KWU win, the Coyotes were ranked second in the KCAC. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer)Brooks Shannon, senior wide receiver, catches a long pass during the Oct. 19 game. Shannon led the Builders in receiving yards at 79 yards. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer)Dalton Rogers, sophomore kicker, kicks off to the KWU Coyotes. The Builders lost 21-45 to Kansas Wesleyan, bringing the Builders an overall record of three wins, four losses. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer)Brooks Shannon, senior wide receiver, races away from a Coyote defender. The Builders' next game will be on Oct. 26 against the Friends University Falcons. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer)Jaquils Coleman, sophomore running back, receives a hand-off from William Mueller, freshman quarterback. Mueller led the team with 138 passing yards. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer)Three Builders pull down Coyote Demarco Prewitt, senior running back. Grant Torgerson, junior linebacker, led the Builder defense with 11 tackles. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer)Yizalle Whitfield, freshman quarterback, looks to pass during a Builder offensive run. Whitfield gathered 21 passing yards and 9 rushing yards. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer)The Builder offense lines up for an offensive play. "We win some and we lose some, but we will live to fight another game," said Kenyana Heard, junior offensive lineman. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer)Yizalle Whitfield, freshman quarterback, hands the ball to Jaquils Coleman, sophomore running back. Coleman led the Builders in rushing with 108 yards. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer)Stone Hageman, senior tight end, blocks a Coyote from Yizalle Whitfield, freshman quarterback. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer)Yizalle Whitfield, freshman quarterback, looks to pass to a Builder receiver. (Tessa Castor/Staff photographer)

By RJay McCoy
Staff reporter

The Southwestern football team took to the field against the number two ranked Kansas Wesleyan Coyotes for a KCAC conference match-up at Richard Jantz Stadium on Saturday.

Before week 8 of conference play, the Builders came off a close road loss at McPherson, losing to the Bulldogs by a score of 16-13, making them 3-3 overall and 3-2 in KCAC play. Last week, the Coyotes put their undefeated record up against the Spires of Saint Mary to win 90-0 leading into the week 5-0 in conference and 6-0 overall.

With the coin flip, the Coyotes chose to defer to the second half and kickoff to the Builders. The freshmen William Mueller was given the start as Coach Griffin went to Yizalle Whitfield last week on the road. After the kickoff to start the game, Southwestern was given their first drive of the game which didn’t amount to anything, as it resulted in an 8 play 25-yard drive. The three and out forced the Builders to punt the ball away.

The Coyotes were given their first possession of the day from their own 48-yard line.

First drive of the game for Kansas Wesleyan resulted in a failed 4th down conversion by the Coyotes with a run by Demarco Prewitt for a loss of 3 yards.

With the turnover on downs by the Coyotes, the Builders were given their second possession that resulted in another 3 and out by the Builders which resulted in 2 yards.

With 7:16 left to go in the first quarter, the Coyotes started their second possession from their own 33-yard line, which resulted in the first points of the game. Kansas Wesleyan’s Demarco Prewitt rushed for a 1-yard touchdown by the Coyotes that capped a 7 play 67-yard drive.

After the extra point from Juan Herrera made the game 7-0 Kansas Wesleyan.

To start the second quarter, the Builder’s William Muller delivered a 71-yard touchdown pass to Brooks Shannon to even the game up 7-7 after the extra point.

Kansas Wesleyan didn’t waste any time after the Builders score with a 65-yard touchdown pass, courtesy of Johnny Feauto to Stevie Williams that gave them back the lead 14-7. After the score, the Coyotes dominated the rest of the second quarter putting up 17 more points ending the quarter 31-7 Kansas Wesleyan

The Coyotes received the ball at halftime and gave it right back to the Builders courtesy of an interception by Caleb Helsey, which was returned for a touchdown to make the game 31-14.

The third quarter resulted in the rest of scoring for both teams ending the quarter with a score of 45-21 and the game.

The Moundbuilders host Friends on Saturday, Oct. 26 at Richard Jantz Stadium at 1 p.m. for Homecoming.