By Thomas Noble
Staff reporter

 The college tradition of “Fools on the Hill” will take place Sept. 26 at 6:30 p.m..  The event consists of three student-directed plays that are performed across campus.

The event will start at the 77 steps with a fast paced comedy called “Therapy” which will be directed by Lisa Prater, theatre arts junior.

“It’s very funny. It’s only 10 minutes so it gets to the point very fast, very funny very outlandish,” said Prater.

After this play, the audience will move to the lobby of Christy for “Papa Popped the Party,” directed by Aron Pfingsten, English senior.

“Come and watch. Have a good time. Really see exactly how hard we all work and how much we love to entertain everybody,” said Pfingsten.

The final play is “You’re on with Jim” an absurd comedy directed by Julia Faust, musical theater junior. This play will be performed at the Horner’s lawn.

Faust said, “All the shows are really funny. It’s all our first time to direct. We would like a lot of support. If you want a good laugh come on down the hill.” 

Thomas Noble is a freshman majoring in communication. You may email him at