By Spencer Pullen
Staff reporter

“Fools on the Hill” consists of three student directed acts all performed outside at the bottom of the 77 steps. After the first act, the audience will travel with the rest of the crowd to a different site to view the next act.

“Kids are accustomed to going to movies and seeing plays indoors. Practicing outside gives us more exposure and viewers can watch and encourage others to come watch the real live performance,” said Roger Moon, head of the theater department.

The three acts are plays that do not have a unified idea. They are being produced and directed by students. Character role auditions were open to classmates and everyone participating had roughly two and a half weeks to prepare for their acts. They are all comedies about relationships and struggles individuals go through in their daily lives. The first act deals with the creative process on how to meet goals while the second act pertains to female and male relationships. An act about bad days and how people respond when life throws someone a curveball will bring the night to a close.

“Fools on the Hill” takes place Wednesday beginning at 6 p.m.

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