By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter


There seems to be slogan everywhere which says: “Give a little and make an impact on someone’s life,” well the Winfield Food Pantry, located in the basement of Grace United Methodist Church, is a small town service project.

The pantry is open 8:30 to 11 a.m., Monday through Friday to the Winfield community.

The month of February is traditionally about love, but it is also the month to be friendly. The food pantry is gathering jars of peanut butter as a Valentine’s Day gesture for regulars.

Nancy Tredway, director of the pantry, said this would be a good way to have students contribute.

Not only does the pantry gather donations for special occasions, but they also plan food drives and serve community dinners.

Community members who qualify may go to the pantry. The amount of food they receive is based on the size of their family. For example, a family of three to four is allowed three sacks along with a money voucher of $20. A qualified family is allowed to visit the pantry six times a year.

Other requirements include an, income rate and a valid Winfield address. Since the food pantry only reaches out to residents in the Winfield area, the address is the key.

There are 17 volunteers who help manage the pantry. Claire Graham, volunteer, has been a volunteer for five years. She said one of the main reasons she helps is to witness the reactions the families display. “People are very generous. This has opened my eyes to see how many are in need,” she said.

“I’m retired, and I just feel this is the right thing to do and I’ve been doing it for years,” Graham said.

Marge Mossman also has volunteered for five years. She said she strives to works for the reactions of families.

Since the pantry opened, about 25 years ago, Mossman said one of the changes she has witnessed is the addition of meat products. “Sometimes we get eggs and fresh produce as well,” she said.

Other items that are available at the pantry include: canned food, cheese, muffins, soups, crackers and toiletries.

Graham and Mossman both said they encourage everyone to donate or help.

“I think the pantry is well publicized and the schools around the community are well informed, but we are always open to donations,” said Mossman.

Those interested in donating may bring items to Grace United Methodist Church on 320 College St.

Alejandra Rojas is a senior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at