Garret Mahoney, biology sophomore, gives blood at the Leadership blood drive yesterday. The group recieved 25 productive pints.

Garret Mahoney, biology sophomore, gives blood at the Leadership blood drive yesterday. The group recieved 25 productive pints. Alejandra Rojas / photographer

By Alejandra Rojas
Staff reporter

As part of a Leadership project members got the chance to work together to organize the Blood Drive. Not only were they responsible for organizing the Blood Drive, but also had to publicize it so that the students knew it was happening on campus.

“We started to organize it about three weeks ago and began to advertise it on Oct. 13,” said Jessie Riggs, liberal arts and science freshman.

The Blood Drive was held in the Pound Lounge on Tuesday. The Leadership group received 25 productive pints of blood. Thirty-four people were able to donate, but only the 25 were able to give whole pints. The American Red Cross was there to draw the blood at the drive.

“Some people were turned down because of low iron and such,” said Riggs.

Organizing the blood drive wasn’t an easy task for Riggs who said that the blood drive has helped him realize how long you must put in to organize something like this.

“We were responsible for contacting the American Red Cross. They helped us by giving us fliers to post around campus,” said Riggs.

In addition to normal routines such as iron, tattoos, and calculating when the person last left the country, H1N1 per-cautions were also measured.

Brae Johnson, AmeriCorp Leadership VISTA on campus, said that even if someone who presented sniffles or a runny nose would more than likely be turned down.

Due to people becoming more sick than usual, the Leadership group made the goal to obtain approximately 30 pints of blood.

“I let the students participate, organize, and communicate with each other so they could come up with a measureable goal,” said Johnson.

Riggs said that he felt it would be tougher this time around because of people getting sick, but that in past years they weren’t able to gather more than 29 pints. “This year we want to reach 30 pints,” he said.

Alex Macassane, business administration, also participated in the blood drive. He said “This is my first time in the Leadership program doing something like this and let me tell you it wasn’t easy.”

This year is unlike many years because there is more student participation.

Cheryl Davis, nursing senior, attempted to donate blood was unlucky. She said “I figured they weren’t going to be able to find my vein, because last time I went to draw blood they couldn’t find it either. But I tried.”

Although the Leadership group wasn’t able to reach their goal they have hopes of having a turnaround for next year.

“I felt really good about it, I had hopes that we would have reached our goal of 30 pints, but you just can’t tell what might happen. This year a big group of people showed up, but with everyone getting sick it really puts a dent in our totals. Hopefully next year will be better,” said Riggs.

Alejandra Rojas is a junior majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at