By Dru Pelter
Staff reporter

Shaoshana Wernick, like other professors on the first day on the job spent time getting back to people through hundreds of emails and getting her lesson plans organized.

Wernick was born in Johannesburg, South Africa and really has been all over the world, living in places like the United States, South Africa and even Spain.

She has seen the apartheid regime first hand which is a historical piece in South African history.

After spending her childhood in South Africa Wernick moved to Spain and lived there for 10 years.

Shoshana found her love for Spanish dancing and culture; more specifically she was strongly drawn to flamenco dancing. This desire was originated from the vibrant colors and the beautiful dresses.

Wernick returned to South Africa around the time when there were public campaigns for releasing Nelson Mandela out of jail.

She was a community researcher for the Center for Community Support and Research and she was a coordinator for the first multiracial elections. Shoshana describes this point in her life as the most amazing experience.

She said, “She was absolutely astonished by how many people came to these elections by both black and white people together.”

Wernick met her husband who was from New York in South Africa and they moved to the United States. Wernick earned her Ph.D. in Community Psychology from Wichita State University. She had her doubts about getting a good full time job because of the economic situation the US is in right now. Thankfully Southwestern College noticed her accomplishments and hired her as a full time professor.

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