Koury Clayton, junior, pose for the camera with his three daughters at his residence in Wichita, Kansas. Clayton plays forward for the men's basketball team at Southwestern College. (courtesy photo)

By Bria Boykins
Staff reporter

Most people wouldn’t mind going home every once in a while, but what happens when you go home every weekend? What reasons would you have to go home every weekend? For Koury Clayton, junior, the reasons are his three beautiful daughters, Adisyn, 3, Amerie, 1, and Aislyn, who is two months old.

Clayton, who plays the forward for the men’s basketball team, travels home every weekend to visit his family. You might think that traveling home every weekend would interfere with school work or studying, but Clayton does a fine job of balancing the two.

“I’m balancing school and home pretty well. It’s something I have to do as person,” said Clayton.

Clayton lives off campus with teammate Chris Nelson, business management senior. “I think he’s [Clayton] doing good from what I know. I know he makes sure he is back for classes and practice when the weekend is over” said Nelson.

For Clayton, being away from home can be a distraction. “Yes, it’s very tough being away from your kids. Sometimes you get caught in class daydreaming about what they’re doing and they’re on your mind constantly.” But who wouldn’t think about their children if they were away from home? Clayton is a full time student as well as a fulltime father.

“I am proud that Koury goes home every weekend to be with his family. Family is important to me personally and I will encourage our players to spend time with family as much as they can,” said Matt O’Brien, head men’s basketball coach.

There are disadvantages of trying to balance home and school at the same time. “There really is no advantage. But the disadvantage of balancing home and school is that I’m away from my family, which makes me drift off and not be as focused as I should be. It can get very hard, but as a parent I know I have to stay positive,” said Clayton.

“He [Clayton] has to be focused all the time or his family or school work will suffer,” said O’Brien.

Clayton likes to spend time with his girls, go to the movies and take them out on dates. When the season starts, the Clayton family will travel to Southwestern and watch their father play.  He is a graduate of Wichita East High School and a transfer from Dodge City Community College, and he played basketball for both.

Bria Boykins is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at bria.boykins@sckans.edu.