By Hayley Weston-McClain
Staff reporter

During the fall youth leaders start looking for an opportunity that will bring a fire to their high school students again after summer camp has long passed.

This is where the service learning teams and Joel Wilke, director of camp horizon, came up with idea to plan a fall retreat. The groups thought this would be a great idea because it would take pressure of the youth leaders to plan anything, and instead they can bring their kids and hangout for a weekend.

The retreat will consist of programs led by all of the service learning teams, and they will all be faith based. So far they have about 80 students signed up for the retreat.

The event begins this Saturday with lunch, and a service project by the Green team. “We will be installing rain barrels at camp horizon,” said Jason Speegle, Green Team director.

These will go underneath the rain gutters to catch rain. Speegle also said, “The camp will be able to use this to water flowers, gardens and anything else that will help conserve water.

After working hard to install the barrels, the groups will have free time to do some of the camp activities. This will involve High ropes course, disc golf, sand volleyball, hiking and more.

When dinner is over the Leadership team will present over leadership development. “We will hit a lot on servant-leadership, that is what we are all about, and it goes along with what the bible teaches,” said Lindsay Wilke, assistant director of leadership.

Leadership will share Matthew 25:28 and 1 Peter 4:10 with the high school students. Both of these verse talk about caring for the needs of others, and using the talents that each one of them were given to serve others.

The students will then end the evening with a game of capture the flag and begin their day with a morning hike.

Once breakfast is over the last event for the retreat is worship lead by Discipleship and Worship Outreach Students. The students will sing songs and lead them in a time to grow in their relationship with Christ.

Worship is the end of the weekend, but since this is a recruiting event for all the service learning teams, there will also be a time for the students that are interested in Southwestern or the service learning programs to come learn more.

This weekend will also help camp horizon make their camp better known, and hopefully get more people interested in the summer camp programs or in volunteering their time to help out in any way.

Wilke and the directors have been working hard on this event for a while now, and are excited to see how the weekend will turn out.

Hayley Weston-McClain is a junior majoring in communication. You may email her at