By Jevyn Voss
Staff reporter

In 2011 47,763 people started the ING New York City Marathon according to the marathon’s official website.  The New York City Marathon is just one of many running events in which people look forward to competing in.

A marathon is just over twenty-six miles. This amount however is a large stretch for most people to be able to complete while a 5k is just over three miles in length.

The average distance among runners is five kilometers according to Christine Luff, a certified running coach for the Road Runners Club of America as well as a health and fitness writer/editor who has been published in Reader’s Digest and Sports Illustrated for Women.

“Running a 5k is a popular goal among runners, because the distance is short enough that even beginning runners can be ready for it in a few months,” said Christine Luff in an article on

For a number of faculty members, 5ks and marathons are a form of exercise and even a hobby. For Tamara McEwen, Assistant Professor of Biology who is in her second year of teaching here just recently found a knack for the sport.

“I have done two events, a 5k and a half marathon this past October. I am planning to make it a regular event,” said McEwen “I would like to make it a goal to do a half marathon once a year and more 5k’s to speed my time up.”

Just two doors down from Tamara is another faculty member who also runs on occasion. Lisa Braun, Director of the Athletic Training Education Program occasionally participates as well.

“Most of my races I compete in are 5k’s,” said Braun. Lisa keeps to short distances to keep healthy. “I played basketball and volleyball through high school and college and picked up running to start keeping in shape.”

She says that she tells her husband, “If I had a ball in front of me I could run forever.” Braun’s husband has a running group that runs at Island Park on Sundays. “My husband is really the running nut between the two of us, he has a seventeen year running streak,” said Lisa.

Among these faculty members, Michelle Adler Assistant Professor of Education is another frequent runner. “I’ve always run, I don’t really know life without running,” said Adler.

Adler has been a runner since she was in high school and throughout college while she competed in track and cross country. Even after competing for such a long time in school, Adler still has a love for running and she continues her love for the sport in her life today.

“When I first got out of college, I did my first marathon when I was 23. Over the past six years I have done six marathons and dozens of half marathons as well as 5ks,” said Adler.

There are several more faculty members who run frequently, so it appears as though there is the potential for a running club on campus.

McEwen, Braun and Adler have no knowledge of a group starting, but it seems as though all that is needed is a fearless leader and some brave followers and Southwestern College would have yet another characteristic that would set it further apart from other colleges.

Jevyn Voss is a junior majoring in communication.  You can email him at