Halloween is taking a new turn starting with this Saturday’s tailgating. The faculty is hosting the first major madness costume contest. Students are welcome to enter, at no charge.  Faculty members will be chosen to judge all contestants starting at 12 p.m. The contest will take place between Stewart Field house and White P.E. Contestants must stop by the judges table first. There are no guidelines for costumes, as long as they’re appropriate. The winner of the contest will receive a $50 flex card, which can be used at the Java Jinx. T-shirts and sweatshirts will also be handed out as prizes.

Sarah Hallinan, director of student life, said, “I think adding the costume contest to the tailgate will add more spirit, not only to the game, but to Halloween. The contest is very relaxed and nothing too organized. I think the contest is a neat way for students to come out and have fun.”

Tailgating will start around 11:30 a.m. Food will be provided at no charge to students.

Tracy Frederick, associate professor of communication, said, “As a faculty member, I hope the tailgating can give students and faculty members a chance to get to know each other. It’s intended to be relaxed and none structured.  We want it to be more organic and want it to be more of what students want.  The faculty has talked about what we would like to see in the future and hope to build more students. As for the costume contest, it should be fun and not too competitive.”

Kick off starts at 1:30 p.m against Bethel College. Students are encouraged to support the Builders, dress to win and enjoy the free food the faculty has prepared.

Lacie Holbert is a sophomore majoring in convergent journalism. You may e-mail her at lacie.holbert@sckans.edu.