Roger Moon, Associate Professor of Theatre and Speech, points toward the video booth in the newly renovated Richardson Auditorium Oct 3.

By Bria Boykins
Staff reporter

The moment everyone has been waiting for is almost here. The Richardson Performing Arts Center, formally known as Richardson Auditorium, will be ready for homecoming week. The Richardson Performing Arts Center has undergone a complete makeover. It has added new comfortable seating, a new sound system, new skywalks and many other things in.

“My role was to understand was what the needs of our auditorium were to make sure those things were included in the design,” said Roger Moon, associate professor of theatre and speech. Moon was a student who used this space that was created in 1950. Since then, the Richardson Performing Arts Center has had multiple renovations since then but not as major as this.

The Richardson Performing Arts Center was a part of the Great Performances Campaign, along with the new football stadium. Another addition with the Great Performance Campaign will be the new theatre tech building where the Dickson Center is housed.

“My role as the Division Chairman of Performing Arts was sitting in on meetings with the president, the architects and the construction company, and with raising money. I played a part with all those activities,” said Tim Shook, professor of music.

The Richardson Performing Arts Center will hold lectures, performances and other activities. “I expect there to be more events held there because it’s nice and new. I think it will be a good venue for the Winfield community as well the Southwestern community,” said Mike Farell, vice president of institutional advancement.

With all the good things happening with the Richardson Performing Arts Center, there were some challenges with the project. “Some challenges with the project from an economic view was the raising the funds for the project in these economic times and not knowing what all needed to be done with the project of the Richardson Performing Arts Center,” said Shook.

Students and faculty can look forward to seeing a marvelous change with the Richardson Performing Arts Center. Those who have experience the auditorium before the renovations will experience something very different.

Bria Boykins is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail her at