By Mallory Graves
Staff reporter

Southwestern College acquired two new interim coaches for the men and women’s golf team after the recent firing of former coach, Tim Jasper.

Even in unfortunate situations, good things can come.

Andy Woodring, interim director of golf and head men’s golf coach was recently appointed as the temporary coach.

“I had 15 years of experience coaching at an NCAA Division III school in Texas, LeTourneau University, and I have also played the sport for many years. I have already had the pleasure of meeting and coaching the team for about three or four days now, and it has been fun getting to know them and getting them ready for their next tournament next week,” said Woodring.

Woodring moved here from Dallas and has been in Winfield since May. However, this isn’t his first time being here. He has many family members that live in the area, so he has made this particular trip numerous times. Making the decision to come and work here was that much easier because of that reason.

Since Woodring had been familiar with the town and kept up with the college, he knew that they needed someone to help fill in the golf coaching position.

“I came in contact with Mike McCoy, because I had heard about the loss of the golf coach and so I sent him a letter telling him my experience in coaching and playing golf, and about my permanent arrival to Winfield. I was looking to just volunteer some help if they needed it, just small things that I could offer the program. I was shocked that they offered me a job. I’m glad that they did, though. I’m happy to help,” said Woodring.

Khord Vining, business administration sophomore said, “I’m upset about Tim Jasper, former head men’s and women’s golf coach, leaving. A lot of us were. I guess you could say the main reason behind it was the timing of it all. We had high hopes for being first in the conference this season, we kept everybody last year, no one quit, and we recruited a lot of incoming freshmen. With Jasper leaving, maybe some of those recruits won’t trust it. Our team chemistry is off now because of it. I wish that we could know more about the situation, but there’s nothing we can do but keep moving forward.”

“We’ve only had two days of experience with Woodring, so we don’t really have a feel for him yet. As far as the tournament goes, I feel pretty good about it. I’m going to just go out there and do what I’ve been doing. I’m looking forward to working on my swing and just the mechanics of it, and with Woodring being a Master Ping Club Fitter, he’ll be able to help us in that area, no doubt. I will say that Woodring definitely knows his stuff, he has experience with the sport, so that is reassuring,” said Vining.

Dave Bertholf, interim director of golf and head women’s golf coach was the other coach appointed. “I have been coaching high school golf for 18 years. Southwestern contacted me to see if I would help out this season. My daughter, Abby Bertholf, is a senior on the team and has been through several coaching changes,” said Bertholf. “This situation has been hard on all the players, and I just want to help out the best that I can. My job is to see that they have a good season. We have some good players and the potential to do big things.”

“I look forward to working with them to help them reach their goals. These kids have dedicated a great deal of time and energy to the great game of golf, and I just want to see them be successful,” said Bertholf.