By Pete Moye’
Staff reporter

Just short of the biggest commercial holiday, second only to Christmas, is Valentine’s Day.

That special day where you triumphantly profess your love or you adequately overcome your screw-ups since the last holiday.

Now immediately, one question people love to ask is that if you love someone shouldn’t you treat every day as if it is Valentine’s Day?

To them, I deliver an affirmative NO. Why? It’d be too expensive.

But shall I rein back the horses of pessimism and give credit to where credit is due. This holiday does allow those a moment to truly appreciate that significant other in your life.

Whether you’re a second-grader giving a card with an extra candy attached or an 80-year-old couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, there’s no substitution for that satisfying feeling you get from seeing their reaction.

However, the problem lies within expectations. It seems like advertisements from Kay Jewelers and Ben Bridge multiply 10-fold during the month of February.

Stores are lined with everything from 62-inch teddy bears to white chocolate roses.

With the financial hangover still lingering from Christmas for most people and tax return checks still a short time away, how is anyone expected to hoop through this fiscal limbo. Remember the intent for this day.

Value the ones you love, not the things they buy.

There are two valuables lesson to be learned. No. 1, there’s nothing wrong with choosing to show a little extra appreciation on this day as long as it’s in your lane. No. 2, candy is always cheaper on the 15th of February.

Pete Moye’ is a junior majoring in journalism. You may email him at