By Carlos Blocker

Staff Reporter


Watch your back, don’t turn around, and get inside a building because humans vs zombies is back.

Starting Oct. 8, secret zombies will be released attacking every human on campus. Whoever you trust now, you probably won’t trust that week. Zombies will be everywhere in places where you least expect them to be roaming. The week of Oct. 8 through Oct. 12 is sure to be one of the most thrilling weeks of the year.

The objective of the game is to be “the last human surviving by not getting tagged by a zombie. There will be a number of secret zombies released to start the game. “Anyone can play including teachers, students and faculty members,” as Jacob Negley describes. Trusting teachers, your roommates, friends, coaches, RA’s and RD’s could all lead to your becoming of a zombie. All it takes is just one touch. Negley informed us that “Once you’re a zombie, you have to feast on one human every 24-hours or you will starve to death and be eliminated from the game with no returns back into the game.”

However, there are safe zones where humans can’t be tagged. These safe zones are inside of any buildings including dorms and bathrooms, 15 minutes before and after chapel, classrooms, and inside of any sporting event or building. “These rules are so that people aren’t running away from a zombie to get to class and disrupting any learning,” Negley stresses.

Also zombies don’t get to have all the fun. Negley says that “There will be missions that humans need to complete for small perks and incentives.”

If you want to take part in this week of terror, then you will need to sign up by Oct. 8 on this website (, and attend the meeting on Oct. 8 at 4 p.m.

Rules will be explained more thoroughly at the meetings along with the storyline and plot behind the madness of Humans vs Zombies. Also take the time to thank SGA for funding the psychology club and allowing them to host such a thrilling event.

However, always remember no one can be trusted and always watch your back and stay in as many buildings as you can, because you may never know who the secret zombie is. For all we know they could live in the same room as you.


Carlos Blocker is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at