By Lenita Krejci
Staff reporter

How far can you reach?

This is the challenge admissions is proposing to current students.

Like many insurance companies, salons, and other places looking to see new faces, Southwestern is setting up a referral system in order to hopefully expand the Southwestern family. To promote this there are currently two different promotions “Send Us a Builder” and “Find Us a New Builder.”

The first promotion is the “Send Us a Builder” campaign. Students will receive a free t-shirt for every high school junior or senior who comes up to the Southwestern table during their visit with the name of the student who has suggested they come and visit the SC table.

The second is the “Find Us a New Builder” contest, where admissions is offering the chance to win a $100 gift card to any local restaurant or business of the student’s choice to all who enter. How you register is simple, simply run by the Welcome Center and pick up a few cards to distribute to prospective students, friends, people you think would be a good fit for Southwestern. Have them fill the card out completely and return it to the Welcome Center to be entered into the drawing Nov. 29.

Rodney Worsham, associate director of admissions, said, “Our students have resources that we do not and great insights. Who better to give us a great fit for Southwestern than students who have already chosen Southwestern as their great fit?”

Worsham originated the idea and admissions took off.

Kaley Rodriguez, elementary education sophomore, said, “This contest is bringing in future builders to make SC a stable campus with the students that arrive on campus. The people I am trying to recruit are fun, as well as outgoing, and I know they would enjoy SC and all it has to offer.”

A current builder example of this is Amelia Lutz, communication radio and television senior.  Lutz said, “I learned about Southwestern from John Richmond. He and I grew up together and he was playing football for SC and would tell me about it.  To be honest, I wasn’t set on coming here, but then I came and visited and decided that I’d fit right in.”

Lutz is just one of the many stories about students bringing in other students.

Rodriguez is definitely doing her part.  Rodriguez said, “I know of at least two of my nine students who I submitted to the Welcome Center that are interested in SC.”

Will these promotions be worth it?

“If we get one student from it, it will be,” Worsham said.

Lenita Krejci is a senior majoring in speech and theatre education and musical theatre production.  You may e-mail her at