By Kyle Killgore
Staff reporter

Watching Southwestern tennis Monday, I was reminded of something in sports that has nearly been forgotten.After every tennis match, the competitors go shake hands. I realize this stands true in many sports, though in tennis there is a more personal relationship with the competitor.

You are close enough to one another that you can complement each other’s play, which I heard numerous times from both the Southwestern players, and the Cowley players. Also, if someone were to slip some trash talk, both players would hear it.

Golf is more of a gentleman’s (or woman’s) sport, where there is not much aggression towards other players. Players will help look for the ball of competitors.

Volleyball players can show some aggression on the court. Several times I have seen players get targeted for a shot to the face, after a kill of their own.

When I go to football games, I watch the fisticuffs that follow plays, where players push and shove, or throw useless punches at each other’s helmets.

There is a similar story while watching basketball, some aggression after the plays down in the paint, where players are shoving for rebounds.

With the limited physical contact in soccer, I’ve still witnessed acts of aggression towards other players, players being thrown to the turf after making a play on the ball.

Playing sports growing up, I remember my parents and coaches preaching everyday about the need for sportsmanship, and why I should be a good sport whether I win or lose. Are those morals lost now in collegiate athletics?

It was nice to see that the tennis team was still able to show the basic morals my parents taught me as a kid playing sports.

Kyle Killgore is a freshman majoring in communication. You may e-mail him at